My big WHY

If you want to be more powerful in life,educate yourself.It is that simple.


Ok. So I realised yesterday that I haven’t really told you WHY.

WHY I have started writing this blog. WHY this interest in cosmetics. And WHY I have started making my own products.

So…. Well, I can’t really answer why I have such an interest in cosmetics. I always did and I still do. However my interest shifted from owning to making and as a result I own less. I now usually have one pot or bottle of each product I use instead of a few different ones like I used to.

But I know exactly WHY I started writing and making my own products. I am very curious and I like learning. About anything that catches my interest really. And because of my interest I obviously was reading a lot about new products on the market, what they promise to do and so on. And then something caught my attention.

I noticed that a lot of brands started writing on their products that they were “eco” or “natural” or containing argan oil or other natural ingredients. By then I was already used to checking the ingredients in the food I was buying so my natural reaction was to look at the ingredients of all those “natural” cosmetics. I also already knew that the ingredients list is written up in the descending order of the amount of the ingredient used and what did I see? Well, you probably guessed it or know it already. All those natural ingredients were at the very bottom of the list. Usually. Which obviously meant there wasn’t much of them used. And so I started to investigate other ingredients and the Pandora box opened…

The more I was reading the less I wanted to be buying and using all those mainstream cosmetics. I always kind of hoped that at least the more expensive brands used better ingredients but it wasn’t the case. Preservatives, parabens, mineral oils (yeah, I know, it sounds like something that is actually good), PEG and the list doesn’t obviously end here. Everything was full of chemicals and I was using it for so long.

This knowledge lead to me trying to make my own products, starting from very simple body scrubs and food based face masks (I had a collection of recipes from all sorts of magazines). And then I came across Karen Gilbert’s book and you know the rest. Or if not you can read it here.

So my big WHY in all this is to educate myself more. To know about all those harmful ingredients so I know what to avoid. To learn about all the good, natural ingredients: what they do, where they come from and how to use them. And to share all this knowledge with you so we can educate as many people as possible, so they live happy and healthy lives, looking good for longer 🙂


P.S. This post contains associate links which means I earn a small commission on the products bought through these links. However, I would never recommend anything I don’t use and love myself!