My big WHY

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Ok. So I realised yesterday that I haven’t really told you WHY.

WHY I have started writing this blog. WHY this interest in cosmetics. And WHY I have started making my own products.

So…. Well, I can’t really answer why I have such an interest in cosmetics. I always did and I still do. However my interest shifted from owning to making and as a result I own less. I now usually have one pot or bottle of each product I use instead of a few different ones like I used to.

But I know exactly WHY I started writing and making my own products. I am very curious and I like learning. About anything that catches my interest really. And because of my interest I obviously was reading a lot about new products on the market, what they promise to do and so on. And then something caught my attention.

I noticed that a lot of brands started writing on their products that they were “eco” or “natural” or containing argan oil or other natural ingredients. By then I was already used to checking the ingredients in the food I was buying so my natural reaction was to look at the ingredients of all those “natural” cosmetics. I also already knew that the ingredients list is written upĀ in the descending order of the amount of the ingredient used and what did I see? Well, you probably guessed it or know it already. All those natural ingredients were at the very bottom of the list. Usually. Which obviously meant there wasn’t much of them used. And so I started to investigate other ingredients and the Pandora box opened…

The more I was reading the less I wanted to be buying and using all those mainstream cosmetics. I always kind of hoped that at least the more expensive brands used better ingredients but it wasn’t the case. Preservatives, parabens, mineral oils (yeah, I know, it sounds like something that is actually good), PEG and the list doesn’t obviously end here. Everything was full of chemicals and I was using it for so long.

This knowledge lead to me trying to make my own products, starting from very simple body scrubs and food based face masks (I had a collection of recipes from all sorts of magazines). And then I came across Karen Gilbert’s book and you know the rest. Or if not you can read it here.

So my big WHY in all this is to educate myself more. To know about all those harmful ingredients so I know what to avoid. To learn about all the good, natural ingredients: what they do, where they come from and how to use them. And to share all this knowledge with you so we can educate as many people as possible, so they live happy and healthy lives, looking good for longer šŸ™‚


P.S. This post contains associate links which means I earn a small commission on the products bought through these links. However, I would never recommend anything I don’t use and love myself!

From buying to making


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I actually never knew that making cosmetics in your own kitchen, using natural ingredients was possible, let alone fairly simple. I am not talking about formulating your own cosmetics, just about following recipes. Until about two years ago…

Finding inspiration

I went to pick up some bits and pieces from Holland and Barrett and picked up a copy of their Healthy magazine. Not sure if I intended to or if it was my destiny to buy it that day. And there I found this article that had my attention in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately the on-line version of Healthy doesn’t have that article (or maybe I just cannot find it) so I can’t share it with you. I can’t even remember what the title was (my memory can’t always be relied on). But I can remember WHO the article was about! Karen Gilbert! I have never heard of Karen before but I was quickly captivated by the images and her story. And there I also found a few of her natural cosmetics recipes. The article mentioned her book Natural Beauty. 35 step-by-step projects for homemade beauty.Ā What did I do? I ordered the book immediately (you can get it here) and I waited.

natural beauty

And when it finally arrived I was in heaven. I love reading and I love cosmetics. Can you imagine what the combination of both did to me? Don’t ask me which recipe I tried out first. I have no idea. I wanted to try them out all at once but to this day I haven’t actually tried them all yet. But if you are, like me, interested in making your own cosmetics at home I definitely recommend this book. Besides the very easy to follow recipes there is also plenty of information about different types of ingredients and other resources needed when you are a beginner, like I was.

I now own more books about making natural cosmetics but this was the one that influenced me the most. One of my Pinterest boards is dedicated to DIY cosmetics. I add pins and then test them or adapt them to my needs or liking. Not all finds are great but those get deleted (!) And don’t forget about the internet as a tool to find anything you need or are interested in. A word of advice however… Do NOT make or test every recipe you find there. Do some research if you have that gut feeling that an ingredient usedĀ isn’t quite safe. I have seen all sorts. Really!

What happened to all my jars, pots and tubes of cosmetics you may ask. Well…They got replaced (not all of them, not yet, as I am still learning and don’t know how to make all cosmetics I used to use). So what you can find around my flat now are all different types of empty jars, pots and bottles waiting to be filled with my creations. Ingredients: all kinds of essential oils, tinctures, clays and powders, carrier oils and butters and whatever else I need. And of course some simple equipment like a food thermometer, a milk frother (yeah, I know lol), a separate set of spoons, jugs and labels. I even have this little, cute stamp that says “Handmade”. That’s for when I make cosmetics for my friends and as gifts.

I still cannot wait for my cosmetics to be used up. The only difference now is that I simply cannot wait to try out a new recipe. And body scrubs are still my biggest love…


P.S. This post contains an affiliate link which means I make a small commision on products bought through it. However I fully recommend this book because this is the one that inspired me to start making my own cosmetics.

Hello my fellow cosmetics and natural beauty lovers!

Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful


I always loved cosmetics. For as long as I can remember. I have no idea how it even started to be honest.

I have this memory in my head: I’m about 3 or 4 years old in the very first house I lived with my parents (and my younger sister). And I am carrying this huge, for my then size of course, plastic bag full of cosmetics. Mostly make up and mostly just left overs or unwanted ones. I seriously don’t even remember how it all started. Whether it was me showing an interest and asking my mum or my aunties for stuff or whether I was given something to begin with and that triggered my interest. I might actually ask my mum, thinking about it now, I wonder if she remembers me even having this huge bag.

I remember one specific treasure in my bag. It was a left over bit of a beautiful red lipstick. I think I even know which auntie gave it to me (she still loves her red and pink lipsticks). Funny enough I have actually never worn red lipstick myself. I’m more of a lip gloss girl. Anyway. I loved that treasure so much that when another auntie asked me to give it to her as she really liked it, and of course she would have used it, I refused. I loved my auntie. She was a fashion icon in my family. But I refused. I offered her the entire content of my bag because I didn’t want to upset her but I refused to give her that lipstick. And unfortunately that is as far as that memory of mine goes.

I can’t remember what really happened between then and my teenage years when I developed love for perfume. I couldn’t afford buying the ones I really wanted with my pocket money so I used to buy cheap ones. And there is another memory or rather as my mum remembers it (I have no recollection of it, I wonder why…). My mum has recently told me that I bought this bottle of expensive perfumes, expensive for the amount of my pocket money I had back then, and hid it in my room. I then told her to come in to my room one day as I wanted to show her something – take a wild guess lol. Obviously IĀ askedĀ her first to promise not to shout at me (not that she ever did much of that anyway) and then I dug that precious bottle out from underneath all my clothes. I think my need of sharing that with her was stronger than my fear of her reaction but after all it was my money I spent. I remember doing a similar thing with an expensive book that I bought…

I was always more into skincare cosmetics than the make up ones though. I started wearing make up when I was about 19, I didn’t feel the need for that earlier and even now, I enjoy wearing make up to work or on a night out but I appreciate my make up free days. My attitude being that if someone doesn’t like my non make up look they simply don’t have to be looking at me. How’s that?

If you looked through my cupboards and drawers, not just the bathroom ones, a few years ago you would have seen pots, jars and tubes of cosmetics pretty much everywhere. I loved spending money on cosmetics and I loved when something was finished as it gave me the chance to open a new pot and explore new smells, textures etc. I would say that body scrubs were my biggest love, and still are.

And then, about two years ago, everything changed…